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Non-Configurable Components

This Article Applies to:

  • Avast Business Hub


The following Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security components have minimal or no configuration options available.

Real Site

Real Site protects against DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking to ensure you get to the actual website you want to visit. Real Site provides an encrypted connection between your web browser and Avast's own DNS server to ensure that the web page in your browser is the authentic one. When Real Site is initialized, it will perform around 200 requests to all Avast Secure DNS servers and will choose the one with the fastest response time. You can check if Real Site is used or not by visiting this URL on the end device.

You can only enable/disable or install/uninstall this service.

For macOS devices, Real Site can only be disabled, not uninstalled.

Security Browser Extension

Security Browser Extension is a web browser extension designed to improve online security and overall experience when browsing the Internet.

Browser Cleanup

Browser Cleanup is available for Windows workstations and removes unwanted browser add-ons and toolbars.

Data Shredder

Data Shredder lets you irreversibly erase your files or whole drives so that there is no way for anyone to restore and misuse your data. This component has only one configuration option allowing you to choose the type of algorithm and number of passes used to shred your files.


SecureLine VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN functions as a private tunnel through the Internet which encrypts your data and secures your connection when using public Wi-Fi connections such as those in cafes or airports. SecureLine VPN has servers in several locations which means you can bypass geolocation restrictions as well as access your favorite content while traveling.

In the Hub, you can only install/uninstall this service (see VPN for instructions). However, you can set a preferred disguised location via your end device's local client (see SecureLine VPN).

Network Inspector

Network Inspector scans your network for vulnerabilities and identifies potential security issues that open the door to threats. This feature checks the status of your network, devices connected to the network, and router settings. Network Inspector helps you secure your network to prevent attackers from accessing it and misusing your personal data.

Rescue Disk

If you suspect your devices are infected with malware and all other antivirus scans (including the Boot-time scan) were unable to resolve the issue, you can use Rescue Disk. Rescue Disk enables you to scan devices when your system is not running. This method significantly increases your chances of detecting and removing malware because the malware is unable to counteract.


The Passwords service is in End-of-Life (EoL) and may be uninstalled during Antivirus upgrade. We recommend saving/exporting all your passwords and switching to Password Protection instead.

Passwords is a password manager that allows you to use one Master Password to quickly and safely log into your online accounts and complete web forms. Passwords encrypts and securely stores your sensitive information and enables you to synchronize your data across all your devices.

Using Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security to store your passwords is a safer alternative to storing passwords in your browser. The passwords you save in your browser are stored on your device along with the information necessary to decrypt them. Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security stores your passwords with a much more secure level of encryption and protects all your data with a password known only by you.

To ensure your privacy, we do not store your Master Password locally or on any server. This means that nobody, including Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security representatives, can access your Passwords data and recover or reset your Master Password if you forget it.


For more information on all available components and supported operating systems for each one, see Component Overview.