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Identity Protection for iOS

This Article Applies to:

  • Small Office Protection


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Mobile Protection has been removed from all Small Business Solutions subscriptions (Essential/Premium/Ultimate Business Security) due to low adoption. The mobile devices with the subscriptions activated are reverted to the free version. Small Office Protection subscriptions are not affected at this time.


Avast Security and Privacy protects the user's online accounts by using Identity Protection to check whether any of the passwords linked to the user's email address(es) have been leaked online. The function continues to check for leaks, and will immediately notify the user if a leak is found, and prompt them to change their password.

Activating Identity Protection

  1. Tap the Avast Security and Privacy icon on your device to open the app
  2. Tap Identity Protection (or Identity Guard) on the main screen
  3. Tap Activate Identity Protection
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Tap Add Email

Adding Additional Emails

  1. On the Identity Protection screen, tap Add New Email
  2. Enter the new email address
  3. Tap Add Email

You can delete email addresses by swiping left on the address and tapping Delete.

Leaked Password Alerts

When Avast detects a password connecting to one of your email addresses has been leaked, your Avast Security and Privacy app will include a red banner with information about the leak.

Clicking Change Password will open your device's internet browser to the email domain to change their password (such as if the email account is Gmail). Once the password has been changed, the user will need to manually dismiss the warning by tapping Dismiss and confirming the choice.